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Top 6 Free and Best Cloud Storage Providers

Now a days computing trend is shifting towards the Internet. With the introduction of cloud storage and cloud servers, Users are increasingly moving towards the Cloud Storage and it has become an easier way to backup all your important data & files online where you can access them from anywhere in the world using Internet connection. So first let’s have a brief look at cloud computing and then after we will move on to the top free and best cloud storage providers.

What is Cloud Computing ?

Cloud Computing means storing and accessing the data over the Internet. These files are saved on the cloud server where you can access them anywhere in the world and from any computer or from your Smartphones, Tablets using Internet connection. We can easily say that Cloud Computing is everywhere you are – on the web.

There are many free and paid Cloud storage service providers where you can select them according to your need. Every Cloud Storage Provider have their own applications which can be used on Windows, MAC or Linux Operating Systems and even you can also use on iOS, Windows and Android Smartphone Operating Systems.

Cloud Computing

There are many big companies like Google, Microsoft, Apple and many more offering some limited cloud space for free and you can also increase the storage capacity by paying them. So here we are sharing the top 6 free and the best cloud storage providers.

Google Drive :

Cloud Storage ProvidersGoogle Drive is a file storage service provided by Google Inc. This service is started on April 24th 2012. You can store and share your Documents, Spread Sheets, Files, Presentations and Many More. This is the safe and secured place to store your files online.

You can edit your files in the Google drive itself and you can also work together with your team mates at a time. You will be given 5GB of cloud space to start with. There are different plans to increase your cloud storage capacity from 25 GB to 16 TB. The Maximum file size allowed in Google Drive is 10 GB. Google Drive is available for PC and Mac, Chrome OS, Android devices and iPhone and iPad.

Dropbox :

Cloud Storage ProvidersDropbox is another well known and popular cloud storage provider in the present market. This Service was started in the year 2007. This is also a free Cloud storage provider where you can store your Documents, Photos, Many more and you can share them easily.

In Dropbox you will be given 2 GB of Cloud space to start with and you can also increase it up to 18 GB by referring your friends, colleagues, etc (500 MB per each referral). There is no file size limit to the files uploaded to Dropbox via the desktop application or mobile application and files you upload through the website must be 300 MB or less. You can also increase your storage capacity by paying them. Dropbox is available for PC and Mac, iOS, Android and More.

Skydrive :

Cloud Storage ProvidersSkyDrive is the file hosting service where user can upload their files and Sync to cloud storage. This Service is provided by Microsoft Inc. The Initial release of SkyDrive is on August 1, 2007 and the Stable release is on August 14th 2012. SkyDrive offers 7 GB of free cloud storage space to start with.

You can also add additional Storage by paying them for the space provided. This service is built in HTML 5. Microsoft added office web apps like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and One Note where you can create, edit and share Microsoft documents within a browser. The SkyDrive supports the Max file size up to 2 GB which you can upload via the SkyDrive desktop application.

Amazon Cloud Drive :

Cloud Storage ProvidersAmazon Cloud Drive is a web storage service where you can store your important documents, Photos, Videos, and many more. This Service is provided by Amazon Inc and this service is started on March 29 2011. Amazon Cloud Drive provides 5 GB of cloud storage to start with and you can also increase the space by purchasing i.e. 1 Additional GB costs 1 USD per year.

The Amazon Cloud Drive supports the Maximum file size up to 2 GB. If you purchase any song or MP3 from the Amazon store then you can store it in your cloud drive. This Cloud Drive supports Music application called Cloud Player where you can play the music which is stored in your cloud drive from any PC or from your mobile using internet connection.

iCloud :

Cloud Storage ProvidersiCloud is a Cloud storage service which is provided by Apple Inc. This service is started on October 12 2011. iCloud allows users to store data, Music, iOS applications and many more. This service provides 5 GB of cloud storage to start with for the user who owns iOS or Mac devices.

The Maximum file size allowed in iCloud is 25MB for free users and 250MB for paid paid users. You can also increase the additional storage capacity by purchasing it. This service also allows users to back-up their iOS devices to iCloud. iCloud storage supports OS X, Microsoft Windows, and iOS.

Box :

Cloud Storage ProvidersBox is an online file storage and cloud management service. This Service is started in the year 2005. Box provides 5 GB of Free cloud storage to start with and you can also add additional space by purchasing it according to your needs.

The Maximum file size allowed in is 25MB. This service supports and available for mobile devices like Android, iPhone, iPad, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

Over to you!

The above listed are the top 6 free and best Cloud Storage Providers currently trending in the Internet Market. If you feel any other Cloud Storage provider is free and best one then please let us know by commenting below so that we will add it to the above list.

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  1. Dear Akansh,

    Nice article, very informative.

  2. what about Skydrive? if you use the web client, you can open one note, or word docs in the webapp…
    25gb is massive, i have moved all my docs to skydrive and never looked at anything else.
    i used to use dropbox, and google drive (still have them)
    And with windows 8 and office 2013 integration its amazing!

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